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Energy saving and environmental protection household commercial induction cooker is your preferred supplier

The Yipai Home and Commercial Induction Cooker - a cutting-edge product designed to enhance your cooking experience. Combining the latest technology and high-quality materials, this induction cooktop is the perfect addition to any commercial or domestic kitchen.

This induction cooktop features push-button turn control for unparalleled convenience and speed. No more wasting precious time waiting for the furnace to heat up. The control method allows you to easily adjust temperature and heat levels for precise cooking every time.

The product size is compact, with dimensions of 350*425*105mm, and the crystal plate size is 300*300mm. Its stylish stainless steel housing not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, but also ensures durability and ease of cleaning. High-strength, high-temperature-resistant microcrystalline plates manufactured using imported technology ensure excellent performance even under the most demanding cooking conditions.


    Product Name Commercial Induction Cooker
    Brand  Name Yipai
    Meterial Microcrystalline
    plate,Stainless Steel Shell
    Net Weight(KG) 3.75
    Size  Total Size:350*425*105mm
    Panel Size:300*300mm
    Application Commercial/Hotel/Restaurant
    Colour  Black
    Characteristic Multifunctional,Waterproof/Time and Temperature Setting
    Customization Parameter、Packing、LOGO
    MOQ 2
    Delivery Date Depends on The Quantity
    Sample Free Sample,Shipping fee only
    Payment Term T/T,L/C or Bilateral Negotiation
    Place Of Origin Guangdong,China
    NO. Picture Model SIZE  POWER/VOLTAGE Control Mode Gross
    10  p1 (YP-3511AX) Total Size:350*425*105mm
    Panel Size:300*300mm
    Button and Knob Control 4.88 3.75 Microcrystalline plate  201 Stainless Steel 

    Unrestricted Scope Of Use

    One of the highlights of this induction cooker is its LED color dynamic display. The display provides real-time information such as current gear, power, temperature and other basic functions. Cooking becomes more intuitive and efficient when you have complete visibility and control over the cooking process.

    Safety is paramount, and this induction cooker puts safety first with its microcomputer safety detection and protection system. This product is equipped with multiple safety detection and protection circuits to ensure effective protection, especially in harsh power grids and environments. You can cook with peace of mind knowing your safety is guaranteed.

    Why Choose Us

    Yipai home and commercial induction cooktops offer a variety of functions to meet your specific needs. In addition to being waterproof, it also has adjustable time and power to ensure perfect cooking results every time. Whether you need to cook a delicate sauce or sear a steak to perfection, this induction cooktop has you covered.

    At Yipai, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. When you order a certain quantity of induction cooker, we provide free samples and you only need to pay the shipping cost. We believe in the quality of our products and we want you to experience them for yourself.

    To sum up, Yipai household and commercial induction cookers are the epitome of first-class technology and high quality. Its user-friendly design, advanced features and safety measures make it a top choice for commercial and home kitchens. Upgrade your cooking experience with this superior induction cooktop, putting professional-grade cooking at your fingertips.