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Yipai Commercial Induction Furnace

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Yipai Commercial Induction Furnace


Product characteristics:

Efficient and energy-saving: Yipai's commercial induction cooker adopts advanced electromagnetic heating technology, which can more efficiently conduct heat energy and achieve better heating effect compared to traditional gas furnaces. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the induction cooker only heats in the bottom area of the pot, the utilization rate of heat energy is higher, greatly saving energy.

Safe and reliable: Yipai commercial induction cooker has multiple safety protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, overheating protection, tilt automatic power outage, etc. During use, even in case of abnormal situations, the electromagnetic furnace can automatically cut off the power supply to ensure the safety of users.

Multifunctional control: The Yipai commercial induction cooker has multiple working modes that can be adjusted according to different cooking needs. Users can choose different modes such as frying, frying, boiling, and stewing according to their needs to meet the requirements of different dishes.

Accurate temperature control: The Yipai commercial induction cooker adopts advanced temperature control technology, which can accurately control the temperature inside the furnace and maintain a constant temperature during different cooking processes, ensuring the taste and cooking effect of the dishes.

Easy to operate: The Yipai commercial induction cooker adopts a touch screen control panel, which is easy to operate and has clear functions at a glance. Users can adjust the heating power and set a timer through the touch screen, which is convenient and fast. High quality materials: The Yipai commercial induction cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which has excellent performance such as high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring the service life and stability of the product.

Multiple product choices: Yipai Commercial Induction Cooker provides customers with multiple products to choose from, including single stove, double stove, three stove and other different models, which can meet different sizes and needs of commercial kitchens.

Improved after-sales service: Yipai focuses on after-sales service and has a professional customer service team, providing comprehensive services such as technical consultation, installation guidance, and fault handling, allowing customers to receive timely assistance and support during use.

As an important brand in the field of commercial kitchen equipment, Yipai commercial induction cooker has won the favor of many customers due to its high efficiency, energy conservation, safety and reliability, and multifunctional control. We will continue to adhere to the concept of "quality first, user first", continuously improve product quality and service level, and provide better kitchen cooking solutions for our customers. Welcome customers to choose Yipai commercial induction cookers and jointly create a new chapter in cuisine!