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Hot Pot Induction Cooker YP-X380

As an avid home cook and cooking enthusiast, I am very excited to introduce you to the Yipai Induction Cooktop, a versatile, high-quality cooking appliance that I personally recommend for home and commercial use. This exceptional induction cooktop is designed to meet all your cooking needs, providing you with an unrivaled convenience and efficiency.

What makes the Yipai induction cooktop unique is its impressive dual control options – wire and touch control. This means that whether you prefer the familiarity of traditional line controls or the sleek, modern touch controls, this induction cooktop offers the flexibility to perfectly match your cooking style. With simple and fast operation, you have full control over your cooking settings. Another distinctive feature of Yipai induction cooker is the LED color dynamic display.

The screen provides clear and accurate visualization of current gear, power, temperature and other essential functions, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust cooking settings as needed. It ensures that you can effortlessly master a variety of cooking techniques and get perfect results every time. At Yipai, safety is the top priority for induction cookers. That's why Yipai induction cookers are equipped with microcomputer safety detection and protection systems that can withstand the harshest power grids and environments.


    Product Name Hot Pop Induction Cooker
    Brand  Name Yipai
    Meterial Microcrystalline
    plate,Plastic Shell
    Net Weight(KG) 4.43
    Size  Surface Size:Φ380mm
    Application Household/Commercial
    Colour  Black
    Characteristic multifunctional,Waterproof,Time and Temperature Setting
    Customization Parameter、Packing、LOGO
    MOQ 2
    Delivery Date Depends on The Quantity
    Sample Free Sample,Shipping fee only
    Payment Term T/T,L/C or Bilateral Negotiation
    Place Of Origin Guangdong,China
    NO. Picture Model SIZE  POWER Control Mode Gross
    22  p1 YP-X380 Surface Size:380mm
    3500W/5000W Wire Control/Touch Control/Knob Control/Remote Control 5.02 4.43 Microcrystalline plate ABS Plastic

    Unrestricted Scope Of Use

    This stove is equipped with multiple safety detection and protection circuits to effectively ensure the safety of the equipment and users, giving you peace of mind during the cooking process. One of the outstanding features of Yipai induction cooker is its multi-functional cooking method. With the ability to adjust time and temperature, you can easily try out a variety of cooking techniques and recipes. Whether you want to stew, boil, fry or steam, rest assured that this induction cooktop will consistently deliver excellent results, taking your culinary creations to new heights.

    Why Choose Us

    At Artpai, customer satisfaction is their top priority. That's why they offer free samples when the order quantity reaches a certain threshold. This is a great opportunity for you to try out the Yipai induction cooker before purchasing any more products. You only pay for the shipping of the sample and you can experience the superior quality and functionality of their products first-hand, risk-free. I personally think that when it comes to induction cookers, the Yipai induction cooker reigns supreme.

    With its excellent quality, affordable price and wide range of features, it is undoubtedly an ideal cooking appliance that will greatly enhance your cooking experience. Whether you are a passionate home cook looking to expand your cooking skills, or a professional chef looking for reliable, efficient cooking solutions, Ipai induction cooktops are guaranteed to meet and exceed all your cooking needs, making every meal delicious. Make it an unforgettable meal.